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Are Do-It-Yourself Surveys Really the Way to Go?

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Are Do-It-Yourself Surveys Really the Way to Go?


We’ve all been guilty of it, haven’t we – trying to do things ourselves to save a little time or money? After all, “How hard could it be to change a washer in the sink?” we ask – that is, before the faucet breaks, the pipe bursts, and the kitchen floods. Unfortunately, small challenges can quickly escalate into major problems. The same is true with market research technology.

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Most of us know better than to attempt electrical work, roofing, or renovation without the assistance of a pro, yet many of us are willing to entrust our data, assets, security, reputation and business decisions to a market research platform that is minimal at best.


Did you know that using a DIY platform can reduce control? Fact is some tasks simply can’t be accomplished within a DIY system, so even if you have the intelligence and staffing in-house, a self-serve solution may not be robust enough to meet your needs. Frequently, features and functionality are missing. Volume capacity can be limited. Processes may be cumbersome and slow. Even tasks that can be accomplished often require a significant learning curve and a commitment of time and people – resources that could be channeled elsewhere.

This is when it makes more sense to enlist a proven marketing research provider with a smart and powerful platform such as Jibunu’s. With a comprehensive market research solution such as ours, these benefits are a ‘given:’

  • Ability to adapt technology to work with existing software
  • Consultation to streamline processes and add efficiencies
  • Real time data, easy input, your choice of multi-format output
  • Access to quotas and a user-friendly customer portal
  • Ongoing customer support, quick edits, tech experts on call
  • Confidence in the results that comes from experience


DIY solutions may sound economical but if they don’t work as needed, costs can accrue. At Jibunu, we are often called to “save the day,” but with some forethought and planning, we could be at your side from the start. On the other hand, DIY solutions can cost you big time if you have to outsource at the end for services like customization or translation. Cost-per-complete also tends to run high with DIY products, and there’s a recurring subscription fee whether you use it or not.

Compare. A comprehensive market research provider like Jibunu offers:

  • Scalability
  • Billing with budget consideration
  • Project managers and quality control experts
  • Online survey specialists who know best practices
  • Programmers who can make pigs fly

Unless your core business is market research technology, why struggle and risk underserving your clients? Skilled market research providers like to listen to your objectives, relieve your pain points, and innovate around your needs.

We’d love to hear how comprehensive market research technology has worked for you. We’re looking for testimonials and would enjoy sharing your stories.


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