6 Truths for Marketers Deluged with Data

We have been living in a data-driven world, and 2016 shows no signs of being any different.

For marketers and those thrust into data-centric roles – especially those who might not be trained in research methodology or analytics – dealing with data can be daunting.

According to Madison Logic, citing new research from Forbes Insight, 64% of surveyed marketing executives believe that data-driven marketing is crucial to their success.

Yet the American Marketing Association lists “Data and Analytics” as the foremost Pain Point identified by marketers in a Marketing News survey.

That’s quite a conundrum.

Fortunately, companies like Jibunu are developing research technology that democratizes data access and understanding, helping marketers, educators, and communicators work faster and more accurately — with actionable results that impact the bottom line.

By improving processes, engineering for mobile consumption, streamlining participant screening and scheduling, adding agility that keeps pace with logic shifts, and creating virtual environments that can be accessed anywhere, anytime — even less-experienced marketers can look pretty darn smart.

I’ve heard more than a few people say, “If only we could change our content mid-stream” or “Wouldn’t it be great if we could magically import everything so we don’t have to do data entry.” Ditto for language translation. Ditto for branding. Ditto for fresh, new, interactive exercises.

Guess what – we can!

Here are 6 truths about marketing research technology today.


Jibunu’s online survey platform supports real-time data gathering and storage. CODY – our Code Open-Ends Done Yourself tool –allows you to assign coding values to open-ended responses as soon as they are available. You no longer have to wait until your survey closes. As a result: less delay, fewer hands on deck, lower overhead, better security, 24/7 access.


Focus groups and other qualitative events can now be as fluid as the conversation itself. RICK – our Roundtable Interview Conversation Kickstarter tool – manages stimulus and responds to it with front and back-end ease. This allows you to monitor pre and post-bias content and change it in real time. As a result: greater relevancy, more authenticity, timely insights.


Even the most enthusiastic participants can tune out when a survey is poorly designed or simply too long. Jibunu’s Interactive Tools engage participants with colorful sliders, sorts, and drag and drops. Consider a Virtual Shopping environment, branded to your business, where participants can peruse your shelves. There’s no longer a need to monkey around with plain vanilla platforms.


Jibunu technology is RAD – Responsive on All Devices – so content adapts to screen size for optimal usability. Flash engineering is even being replaced by JavaScript to enable use on any device. Add Jibunu’s international language capability — with Express and Traditional Overlays — and even the most local marketers can appear global.


Whether distilling messages or outputting grids, there are now ways to cut to the chase. Jibunu’s Message Analysis Tool (MAT) adds efficiency to sorting exercises by winnowing down most salient choices. Our turnkey Respondent Grid Generator tool (ReGG) automatically creates grids that once required manual labor. Results: streamlined processes, clear outcomes.


Sometimes things are so good they bear repeating, but not if they negatively impact deadlines and budgets. Jibunu ‘s CLONE tool – Consistent Layout, Only New Elements — repurposes and adapts content to multiple needs. Saves time and money. Reduces stress.

Here at Jibunu we believe that marketers armed with cutting-edge tools and scalable research technology will be the ones to succeed.

Apparently business leaders featured in Media Post’s “2016 Trends in B2B Marketing” agree. They foresee a glut of content this year that will require ongoing research to determine what is relevant. Some prognosticators believe that brands with this capability will be the ones to achieve “data supremacy.”

Ken Berry

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