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Lots to Love about Research Technology – and Much is Short and Sweet

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Lots to Love about Research Technology – and Much is Short and Sweet


First, let us set the stage… flowers, candlelight, and our Market Research Love Song.

Now that you know how we truly feel – down to business.

Let’s face it. The word ‘research’ isn’t usually the kind of sweet nothing marketers like whispered in their ears. Research can be daunting, expensive, time-consuming and stressful – unless of course you use process enhancing technology, cost-costing real-time features, colorful interactive tools, and results generation that displays in the formats you need.

(That would be what we do at Jibunu.)

According to recent behavioral studies, the human attention span is less than that of a goldfish which means if we can concentrate on any one thing for more than 10 seconds, we’re doing pretty good.

Statistic Brain puts the average attention span in 2015 at 8.25 seconds, down nearly 4 seconds from 2000. They also note that in analyzing 59,573 web page views, only 28% of the words were read on pages containing 593 words or more; just under half the words were read on pages containing 111 words or less. Of all page views, 17% lasted less than 4 seconds and only 4% lasted more than 10 minutes.

Why is the need for speed and immediate gratification so great these days? We could blame ourselves. We’re busy, distracted, and multi-tasking. We’ve been spoiled by mobile and on-demand delivery. We’re love-struck with the cloud and in awe of things that are at our fingertips: often virtual rather than physical. We just don’t want to be bogged down with ‘stuff.’ And whatever it is, we want it now.

This reality is not only true for the back-end of research where we constantly look for ways to create efficiencies, but on the front end as well. Research participants have choices. They have things to do, places to go. They’re bombarded by messages at home, online, and in the big, beautiful advertising-saturated world. Why should they pay attention to your survey and interact with it honestly?

It’s up to us to help them love the experience.

As developers, these trends mean we need to build fast, facile solutions that can produce ready results … experiment with bite-sized pieces of content rather than convoluted copy… employ short form communication that drives spontaneous, authentic response… and not be afraid to include fun and games to increase engagement.

Here are a few examples where research technology comes to the rescue:

Divide and Conquer

Survey format and length are often areas of dispute. A department head intent on culling specifics, for example, might be at odds with upper management looking for loftier truths. Too many questions can mean drop off or incompletes. Too few questions can result in insufficient information. Multiple formats can be confusing and impossible to aggregate. Consider:

  • Several short surveys tailored to target audiences
  • Skip patterns that require only select participants go deep
  • Restructuring your data for consistency and easier use with third party software

Jibunu can do this for you.

Presto Change-O

There is little worse than being stuck in the mud while the world is spinning at warp speed. Suppose new information or competitive intel comes to light when you are mid-research? Do you settle for your original plan or can you adapt to the new opportunity? We say, adapt!

  • Clone content to save time and simply replace key elements
  • Manage your data 24/7 through a customer portal that displays counters, toplines, and reports, allowing you to select output in Excel (CSV), SPSS, ASCII, or other custom layouts
  • Use Jibunu’s Advanced Reporting and MarketSight to create real-time, filtered crosstabs with up to 50 banner points for immediate relationship findings

Less is More

Sure you can generate volumes of data, but that can be a turn-off for busy executives who have no time to review it. So rather than include the kitchen sink in your summary, use technology to get to the point:

  • Show heat maps to convey behavioral patterns rather than explaining in text
  • Use Secure Content Hosting to control what, when, and how much participants see
  • Instead of issuing one-size-fits all reports, let Jibunu create custom reports for you

These are only some of the ways technology can make research more warm and fuzzy. Don’t you just love it?

Happy Valentine’s Day!